David E. Looper & Company

Resources for Subcontractors

David E. Looper & Company (Delco) strives to make job sites as safe as possible. We take all practical steps to provide a safe and healthy workplace, and we expect our subcontractors to comply with these safeguards.

Safety must be a proactive process, not reactive. Delco has invested in an orientation process to ensure safety expectations are communicated to all subcontractors so they may recognize unsafe conditions and perform their jobs in the safest way possible.

Prior to any work being performed, all subcontractors must submit:

  1. Name of their company’s competent individual as defined by OSHA,
  2. Site-specific safety plan,
  3. All safety data sheets,     
  4. A list on company letterhead, signed by an officer, of all persons certified to operate any types of lifts or machinery while on the project site

All information should be sent to Marc Tipton in our Safety Department. Attach any exceptions obtained from OSHA; third-party explanations will not be accepted.

Email: marc@delcompany.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 3224, Hickory, NC 28603

All employees that may potentially work on a project must view the PowerPoint presentation, fill out the sign-in sheet and return via email to Marc Tipton.

Contact Marc for current COVID guidelines.